任天堂系の海外サイト「vooks」と "Jason Michael Paul" のインタビューから…
Vooks: Are there any other Nintendo franchises you think you would want to do this to or perhaps an all-Nintendo show?

JP: (laughs) Of course, it’s all on Nintendo! I’ve already presented these ideas for years and years. Now so hopefully I’ll get my shot to be able to do that and hopefully I’ve done the Legend of Zelda franchise justice enough to be to be handed the torch to be able to do that because the idea of creating a Nintendo All Star concert is definitely something I would love to do. It would basically be all of Nintendo’s IP being presented all in one concert, it would be phenomenal. vooks.net

"Jason Michael Paul"
乞うご期待! 任天堂オールスターコンサート!!


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