About this project
This project is incredibly simple, as a retro game enthusiast I love the classic transparent ( atomic) purple color on my handhelds. So I reached out to ShenZhen MaiKaisi Trade Co ltd, who already has a beautiful if not limited in options replacement shell for the Nintendo Switch and joy-cons. They said that though they have no personal interest in offering the shell in transparent colors, they would be happy to do a limited test run for me at a decent price per unit. The pledge you make will cover the exact cost of the prototyping and creating of the shell using the best materials to replicate the Atomic purple color in a dense durable abs plastic, purchase and import of your unit, and currency exchange fees.

I did my best negotiating to keep prices as rockbottom as humanly possible for such a limited run of units.

Risks and challenges
Risks always exist when making such an installation onto your Nintendo Switch. replacing your shell is not for the faint of heart and you absolutely need to use the right tools. because of the very limited number being made, should you accidentally break your shell during installation....replacements will not be available. That being said you are free to order as many as you desire within the limited 85 units available. Each unit will be inspected for defects before shipping so hopefully everyone is happy with the unit they get :) kickstarter.com